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Every practice published to help you Work better, live more. #WorkKind
Values guide us. You'll see that it's not that hard to define yours, and, when you do, life becomes easier and much more interesting...
A practice to start the day well — part of my Morning Practice.
A practice to get get to know people better.
A practice that's a simple question to get a team to a better place.
A practice to close off the week.
A practice to stop you "Quiet Quitting".
Today we start with a moment of mindfulness. Followed by answering the question, "How do you know who is kind at work?" And finish by considering why…
Today we launch #WorkKind People, a weekly interview with an eclectic group of people who have great insights and experiences and are all committed to…

February 2023

The shared characteristics of Kind Leaders, and why you should "Be More Tree".
Burnout, the way we see things, and a practice to close the week.