#WorkKind is a rallying cry to work in ways that help you thrive.

Work can and should be a source of great joy, meaning, creativity, personal achievement, and pride... but for far too many of us, it isn't.

85% of us hate or are disengaged from our jobs.

Maybe this is you now.

It doesn't have to be this way.It doesn't have to be this way.

Kindness is the answer.

Kindness to self. Kindness to others. Kindness to the planet.

Kindness at work.

It's not soft. It's not gentle. It's not weak.

Kindness is having the courage to speak up and act when you know something is wrong.

Kindness is putting other people first because that's what the team and the project need.

Kindness is thriving at work.

It is how YOU create work that is full of joy, meaning, and positive impact.

It is literally thriving at work — every day increasing numbers of people like you and me stand up and say, "I will not work this way any more."

There is a quiet, kind revolution at work.

It is called #WorkKind.

It started for me when I left a job I hated to live a life I love.

I'm Magnus Wood, workplace kindness activist and leader of the #WorkKind Community.

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Work better, live more. #WorkKind

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Magnus Wood

Author, founder, cook, forager, founder, gin-maker, yogi, lives on a houseboat & father of two beautiful daughters. I left a job I hated to live a life I love. 👉 Work better, live more. #WorkKind