You: Creatively minded; wanting to thrive at work; brimming with ideas and energy; work core to your identity and a path to your ideal life 👉 Then read this.

#WorkKind with Magnus is for you if...

You're emotionally agile. Your values matter. As do creativity, wellbeing, and growth.

You're filled with ideas and energy and want to create purposeful, impactful work.

Work is core to your identity, your self-expression, and the path to your ideal life.

My intention is, through the power of self-kindness, to help people thrive at work, do their best-ever work, enjoy their job to the fullest, feel they have purpose, and create a positive impact in the world. And that's what I write about. I'm glad you're here.

Work is more of a struggle than it needs to be for too many people. According to Gallup, globally, 85% of people hate or are disengaged from their jobs. Maybe you simply want your job to get better. Or maybe you do hate it and want a change. That was me once. I was the managing director of a multi-million-dollar creative business. I'd shaped a great culture and given people the freedom to express themselves and do their best work. But because I reported to a toxic holding company that wanted me to operate in ways that were against my values, I was waking up every day wishing I hadn't. I wasn't being kind to myself. I left, started The Kindness Corporation, and now do work I love with great people and live and work on a houseboat just outside London in the UK. I learned the power of self-kindness to live my ideal life, elevate my career, and amplify my impact. And now, I want to teach you how to do the same.

Magnus Wood

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Work better, live more. #WorkKind

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I help the creatively minded to embrace self-kindness; so that they build resilience, avoid burnout, create their best-ever work and amplify their impact. For stories insights and practices, read this 👉


Author, founder, cook, forager, founder, gin-maker, yogi, lives on a houseboat & father of two beautiful daughters. I left a job I hated to live a life I love. 👉 Work better, live more. #WorkKind